Who we are

Our Journey

Proof is in the pudding

Sustainability is integral to our ethos

Our commitment to the future extends beyond financial returns. With a key investor who shares our values, we actively contribute to a positive impact on our people, our planet, and the communities where our restaurants operate.

Reduction of single
use plastic

We prohibit the use of single-use plastic items, such as plates and cutlery, to combat plastic pollution.

Use of Recyclable

We incorporate PET plastic, PP, and RPET in our branded packaging, all fully recyclable and sourced responsibly which offers a versatile and sustainable solution for our stores.

Support for UK
made Products

Prioritising UK-made products helps us minimise mileage and air miles in the supply chain. Plus, we produce our own gelato at a factory in East London and supply this to all our stores.

of Deliveries

From marketing to procurement, we reduce transportation-related environmental impacts through efficient supply chain practices.


We are committed to using premium, high-quality, and natural ingredients sourced from reputable suppliers. For example, the fruits we use in our recipes have no colourings or preservatives with minimum 90% fruit pulp and 10% sugar, or simply 100% fruit.

Sustainable materials
in store Design

From evaluating energy efficiency to carefully selecting environmentally responsible materials, our fit-out process prioritises sustainable alternatives, reducing reliance on irreplaceable natural resources and minimising landfill waste. Our commitment extends to working exclusively with shopfitting companies dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint.