Want to learn more about the UK’s best-loved dessert brand before reaching out?

Our franchise development frequently asked questions page has the answers to some of the most common questions we’re asked.

Frequently asked questions for business development in the United Kingdom

I would like to open a store in a specific area - is that possible?
Yes, it is possible, although availability can vary depending on the region. We encourage you to indicate your preferred areas on your application form, and we can discuss specific locations further in the application process.
I have my own premises and would like to open a Creams Cafe there - is that possible?
We are constantly searching for suitable properties to expand our franchise. Our acquisitions team can advise you on the viability of your premises for a Creams Cafe.
What do I receive for my investment?
Upon entering the franchise agreement, an initial fee is payable for each unit. This grants you the right to utilise the Creams Cafe trademark, its operational systems, marketing strategies, as well as access to proprietary information and resources.
How long does it take from applying to opening a store?
The duration varies based on the availability of suitable properties in your chosen area. Typically, it takes between 4 to 5 months from the time you gain possession of the site keys.
How long is the training program and where is it held?
Creams Academy administers an intensive training program, tailored to both the Franchise Partner and the Management team. This program, lasting up to 6 weeks, covers all aspects of the business. Training sessions are held at designated Creams Centre’s of Excellence which are located nationwide, ensuring accessibility for all franchise partners.
What franchise and royalty fees does Creams Cafe charge?
The franchise fee is £25,000 + VAT per franchise unit. However, a reduction applies if a Development Agreement is executed. Once operational, there is a franchise royalty fee equivalent to 5% of gross sales, along with a marketing fee of 2% of gross sales.
How will I receive support?
Our dedicated and experienced Support Centre team are committed to assisting you with various operational aspects, including staff recruitment and training, marketing strategies, product management, and other essential operational areas. You will also have ongoing support from an assigned Regional Franchise Business Manager.
Is previous catering or retailing experience necessary?
While previous experience in business or the food and beverage industry can be advantageous, it is not mandatory. Our comprehensive training program and ongoing support are designed to equip franchise partners with the necessary skills and knowledge for success.
What are the staff numbers and trading hours of an average store?
On average, a new store creates 16 jobs, with a split of approximately 40% full-time and 60% part-time positions. Operating hours typically range from 11 am (or earlier, depending on location) until Midnight.
What are the chances of success with Creams Cafe?
At Creams Cafe, we pride ourselves on our proven track record of success, which is evident in the performance of our stores. Our confidence in the brand’s investibility is enhanced by the investments made by our current franchise partners who are expanding their branches. These investments not only signify our belief in the brand’s potential but also reflect the attractive returns they generate.

However, what sets our franchise partners up for success is their commitment to delivering an unparalleled hospitality experience. By consistently providing exceptional customer service and offering delicious desserts, our franchise partners contribute to maintaining our reputation as a leader in the industry.

Our approach to franchising is built on a foundation of mutual partnership. We are committed to supporting our franchise partners every step of the way, but success truly flourishes when both parties are fully invested. Therefore, we expect our franchisees to embody our partnership pledges, supporting their teams and sharing in our vision of excellence. Together, we can continue to elevate the Creams Cafe experience and drive mutual success.

I am interested in developing a market outside of the UK – what should I do?
We welcome inquiries from individuals interested in expanding the Creams brand internationally. If you wish to explore opportunities outside the UK, please submit your interest in writing. We evaluate potential markets based on various factors, including previous experience in franchising, and will respond after careful consideration.

Frequently asked questions for business development in international markets

What are the requirements for a business looking to develop Creams outside of the UK?
To develop Creams Cafe outside of the UK, we seek partners who are dedicated to delivering an exceptional hospitality experience. We prioritise candidates who are committed to upholding our brand’s reputation by consistently offering delicious desserts and outstanding customer service. Additionally, our international franchise partners must demonstrate robust financial capabilities, including strong cash liquidity and the ability to provide a reliable source of funds. They should also possess the capacity to rapidly scale operations, along with valuable operational experience, preferably within the food and beverage or hospitality sectors. Experience with managing Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) concepts is considered advantageous, further enhancing the potential for success in developing a Creams franchise location internationally. While these are our standard requirements, we are open to assessing each opportunity on a case-by-case basis to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.
What is your franchise model for international?
We operate a Master Franchise model and Development Franchise model for international markets. As a Master Franchisee, you would exclusively operate Creams Cafe in your home market. Alternatively, in a development agreement, you would have exclusivity in market segments and/or regions, without whole-market exclusivity.
Do I need to provide guarantees?
Typically, we require corporate and/or ultimate beneficiary owner guarantees demonstrating assets of a specified value to provide assurances upon signing a Franchise Agreement.
How long does a franchise agreement last?
Most franchise agreements are structured as 10-year agreements, with an option to break after 5 years.
How quickly will I need to develop stores?
For Master Franchise or Development Franchise agreements, a 5-year development term is typically agreed upon.
What is the minimum capital requirement to start a Creams Cafe business in my country?
We collaborate with you to conduct a market assessment and develop a commercial plan based on market opportunity. The capital requirements will be determined as an output of this study.
I have access to stores in my home market, can I convert these to Creams?
We would undertake a market study to assess the viability of converting your existing business to a Creams Cafe. Subsequently, we would proceed along either the Master Agreement or Development Agreement franchising routes.
Can I have a Creams Cafe business in my home market if I operate a competing concept or brand?
Generally, we prefer non-competing operators in each market. However, we are willing to evaluate each opportunity on a case-by-case basis.
Why should I choose Creams Cafe internationally?
Creams Cafe presents a compelling opportunity for international expansion, underpinned by several key factors:

Product innovation and brand appeal: Our innovative desserts, crafted with high-quality ingredients and baked on-site, have garnered a cult following among our key target demographic aged between 18-44 years. As the UK’s number 1 dessert restaurant brand, we offer a unique and engaging customer experience characterised by theatrical ambiance, vibrant decor, and friendly service.

Fast return on investment and sustainability: Creams Cafe attracts multi-brand business owners with a flexible model that boasts a lower CAPEX requirement, leading to quicker returns on investment. Additionally, our active corporate social responsibility policy and sustainability framework reflect our commitment to people and the environment.

Furthermore, our proven track record of success is evident in the performance of our existing stores. The confidence in our brand’s investibility is reinforced by investments made by current franchise partners who are expanding their branches, signalling not only belief in the brand’s potential but also attractive returns on investment.

Our approach to franchising is rooted in mutual partnership. While we pledge unwavering support to our franchise partners, true success is achieved when both parties are fully committed. Thus, we expect all our national and international franchisees to embody our partnership ethos, supporting their teams and sharing our vision of excellence. Together, we can elevate the Creams Cafe experience and drive mutual prosperity.